COVID-19 Update

  • The effects of Covid-19 – mentally, physically, emotionally, and economically – have been felt in some form by everyone throughout the state and the country. As an essential business, Melodic Meals is devoted to continuing to providing homecooked meals to those in the area we serve. We also understand the concerns our customers have about proper safety precautions. Let us assure you, we are going above and beyond to keep both our customers and staff healthy. Some of our proactive measures include:
  • We train all our staff to follow best practices including hand washing, gloves, hairnets, and personal protective equipment, including face masks and aprons.
  • We strictly enforce our Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures ensuring our food manufacturing process remains sanitary at all times.
  • We analyze and address the probability of all food safety hazards to mitigate risk and implement preventative controls.
  • We strictly adhere to CDC and World Health Organization guidelines


  • Pass a daily health questionnaire
  • Wear kitchen smocks
  • Wash hands and forearms thoroughly
  • Wear gloves
  • Wear face masks
  • Wear hair/beard nets
  • Wear sleeve guards if coming into contact with food
  • Wear non-slip shoes

We’re here to serve you the sustenance you need to thrive through this difficult. While this is a time of great uncertainty, we’ve got your back!