Do I Get To Pick My Meals?

Yes! With Melodic Meals, you get to choose which meals sound best for you. We update our menu weekly, so while we do choose which meals we’re preparing that week, you get to decide which meals and sides you’d like delivered.

Are Your Meals Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, not all of our meals are gluten-free. That being said since we produce everything fresh and to order, it is possible to make any of our meals into a gluten-free option. If there is a menu item that you

Are Your Meals Organic?

Melodic Meals is not completely organic; however, we do ethically source all of our products and use organic ingredients in our recipes where it matters the most and when they are available. We also choose other high-quality, non-organic ingredients, when

Can I Heat My Meals In The Oven?

Not only can you heat your meals in the oven, but this is how we typically reheat our meals! Our new packaging is oven safe. Just remove the lid and cover with foil to maintain moisture. We would recommend 1o

Do the Meals Expire?

Yes. Since everything we prepare is made fresh and never sees a preservative, they will eventually expire. Your meals stay fresh for 5-8 days in the refrigerator. We do, however, have a disclaimer on salads. Due to the nature of

Can I Freeze My Meals?

Absolutely. You can freeze your meals, especially if you do not intend to eat them within the 7-day “best if used by” date. That said, fresh is always the best. Please remember when heating from frozen, additional time is required

How long do I need to reheat my meals?

For Microwave: Remove Lid and Cover with Paper Towel Heat 1 1/2 to 2 minutes For Oven: Pre-Heat Over to 350 degrees Remove Lid and Cover with Aluminum Foil Heat for 10 minutes These are recommendations and heating my vary